A Global Leader and Innovator of Outdoor Shade, Shelter and Lifestyle Products

From garages and sheds, to outdoor furniture and versatile shade: for over 70 years ShelterLogic Group has developed tough-made shade, shelter, storage and outdoor lifestyle solutions for our customers and retail partners.

Using top-of-the-line materials, we proudly manufacture a diverse range of items: from affordable shades and shelters to commercial grade buildings in custom sizes. We serve a wide range of customers: from our dynamic retail partners and large scale commercial businesses, down to the everyday consumer looking for strong and reliable outdoor solutions.

Our brands are known for their affordability, innovative engineering and durable construction, and are made to meet the unique storage and lifestyle demands of all our customers.

Today, our company boasts several top-name brands, including: Arrow Storage Products, Quik Shade, RIO Brands, ShelterLogic, ShelterTech and SOJAG, and licensed brands Margaritaville and Tommy Bahama. As a global leader in sales and manufacturing of outdoor products, our goal is to help our customers enhance their outdoor experiences through cutting edge design by giving them great products.

A ShelterLogic Group Timeline

  • Acquired RIO Brands

    1948 All-Luminum Product, Inc.

    All-Luminum Product, Inc. (later, RIO Brands) is founded by brothers Bob and George Cohen.

  • Arrow Storage Products

    1962 Arrow Group Industries

    Arrow Storage Products began operations under the name Arrow Group Industries, a carport and awning manufacturer. Eventually the company embraced sheds, expanding their product offerings.

  • Arrow Storage Products

    1970 Merge with the Shepard Engineering Company

    Arrow Group Industries merges with the Shepard Engineering Company, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of all-steel outdoor storage buildings.


Facts About ShelterLogic Group

World Wide ShelterLogic Group

ShelterLogic Group brands are proud to partner with consumer direct partners, retail partners and dealers across 4 global continents and over 33 countries.

Worlds Most Popular Shelterlogic Group

We are the manufacturer of some of the world’s most popular and recognizable shade, shelter, storage and outdoor lifestyle brands.

Research and Development ShelterLogic Group

We’re committed to investing in ongoing research and development, and we use high quality materials in manufacturing across all of our brands.

In-A-Box ShelterLogic Group

Defined and introduced sheltering as a category and pioneered the “In-A-Box,” retail consumer friendly concept.

Distribution ShelterLogic Group

Our global manufacturing and worldwide distribution allow for built-to order, private branding in order to effectively meet consumer demand.

Market Analysis

An industry leader in what is 'on-trend' across the outdoor lifestyle space, we're driving product and design innovation through analytical market research and keeping ahead of trends season after season.

Explore Our Company’s Global Footprint

From pop-up canopies to large scale, custom configurable storage buildings: ShelterLogic Group brands offer a wide range of affordable, reliable and tough made products that will enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

Watertown, CT

World Headquarters of ShelterLogic, Group. Houses one of 5 main corporate owned manufacturing facilities, engineering team, as well as our operations and sales workforce. The primary location for our ShelterTech custom building program.

Haskell, NJ

One of two steel manufacturing locations for the Arrow Storage Products brand. Learn about our green initiatives at our Haskell, NJ facility.

Breese, IL

The second of two manufacturing locations for the Arrow Storage Products brand, and Arrow’s engineering and design team.

Philadelphia, PA

Our two Pennsylvania locations are home to RIO Brands’ marketing, operations and sales divisions as well as a warehouse location that supports our supply chain.

Montreal, Canada

Our Montreal, Canada facility is home to the Sojag brand and houses a product development team, sales force, marketing, engineering and operations divisions.

Linhai, China

Housing one of two of ShelterLogic’s Chinese engineering teams and manufacturing facilities. A wholly owned foreign entity.

Binhai, China

Home to the second of our Chinese manufacturing and engineering facilities for ShelterLogic products. A wholly owned foreign entity.

Discover how our brands are going green and supporting their local communities.


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From pop-up canopies to large scale, custom configurable storage buildings: ShelterLogic Group brands offer a wide range of affordable, reliable and tough made products that will enhance your outdoor lifestyle.